Michael Falconer Photography provides problem solving imagery to Advertising, Editorial, Design and Corporate clients. Real Estate, Food, Product, and People are our primary focus and we have successfully completed projects of local and national scope. 

CLIENTS: Broad Client Base includes advertising, editorial, design, and corporate direct firms.

Clients include but are not limited to: Publisis Dialog, Symbol Technologies, Venture Strategies, Avasta Advertising, Weldon Owen Publishers, Fuller O’Brien Paint, Mac User, Mac World, PC World, Mac Home Journal, Computer Life, Computer Gaming World, Hewlett Packard, SamSung America, San Francisco Giants Baseball, Bon Appetit, Culinary Institute Of America, Circle K Design, WebVan Inc., 3g Partners, Solano Magazine, Food & Lifestyle Magazine, Tucson Home, Tucson Lifestyle, Tucson Lifestyle Home and Garden.


Cookbooks: Joy Of Cooking cookbook series number four through thirteen, Scribner, “Cooking At Home with the Culinary Institute of America,” Wiley & Son’s.

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